My Story

Brandon Miller isn’t the typical product of the small, Midwest town of Gardner, KS.  From beginning to play at the age of 7, Miller always knew it was going to music that would be his driving force in life.

“I’ve always wanted to play guitar, but seeing bands like Rush, Aerosmith and KISS up close gave me the thought of ‘the sky is the limit.’ I saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd when I was 17 and really saw that people wanted to watch him play guitar. That’s exactly what I wanted to do. The guitar is a special instrument that connects with people. I want to connect with people through my guitar playing.”

Throughout his years of studying music formally, educationally, and experimentally through high school and into college, Miller also had a desire to write original music.

“The song always comes first. That gives you the connection with the listener. You can take the journey together.  With my music, I want it to give people the opportunity to relate someway. Whether that’s through pain, sorrow, anger or happiness, it gives them a way to release their emotions.  We can succeed and fail together.”

With musical influences such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Warren Haynes and Joe Bonamassa, he says “they are all extremely talented at their instrument, Warren and Clapton are incredible songwriters.”

Miller truly holds his own candle among the few able to truly speak through his instrument and is impossible to be stylistically confined to Rock, Country, Roots, Americana.

“Living in the moment and connecting with the audience. If you can’t connect with the audience at a show, what’s the point in having a show? You have to be able to take them to a place to forget about what is happening in their life.  I want them to hear great songs and walk away from a great guitar show.”